We Offer Team Building Packages

Team building activities should be a special event that each member of the team can enjoy. The list of activities offered by Horse Riding Adventure, will help you to achieve that objective.

They say that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of man. That is what makes horse riding one of the most mythical things to do. It is only you on a horse, with your friends and colleagues in nature. This experience will relax your team and also just make them realise again that the best way to go forward in life is to work together in harmony, just like a rider and a horse work together to reach their destination while enjoying the journey.

Team building activities such as archery and air rifle will reinforce the teams mindset that you should always aim for a target. Together with aiming at the target, you should have the right skills and equipment to achieve your target. Sometimes you will need instruction on how to use your natural talents coupled with the right technique and skill to reach your target. Throw in a bit of competition and the end product is fun, fun, fun.

Quad biking and paintball seem to be just fun activities and for the most part it is, but like everything in life, there is certain skills that you need to master to be able to enjoy it. At first it might seem scary but not to worry, our guides will help you and instruct you on all the finer points which will ensure that you have the most fun.

Our Paintball Adventure will give you a chance to strategize on the best way to outplay and outlast your competition. 

The quad biking adventure is a guided tour. Like with any task at hand, it has its obstacles and its places where you can up the pace but at the end, when you cross the finish line and park your bike together with your team, it will leave you with a longing for more.

Remember to take a lot of pictures while you are busy with your team building activity as you would want to remember every moment of this day. And don’t forget to share it over and over again with all the ones close to your heart. The Horse Riding Adventure team will also take some pictures and videos and will gladly share them afterwards with you.

After all these team building activities it will be time to make sure that the big hunger is taken care off. The food options that goes with the team building packages will be enough to make sure that the hole in the stomach will be filled completely. This would be the ideal time to share some of your experiences of the day with your colleagues and have a laugh together.

If you are up for fun and want a great day out with your colleagues doing team building near Pretoria, give us a call today. We will help you with the planning and put together a day full of fun team building activities that you will never forget. After a day with us, you will feel refreshed and re-energised. And most of all, with a new skill or two in the bag, after doing our team building activities at Horse Riding Adventure.

Budget Adventure Package – Minimum of 8 People


Quadbiking or Horse Riding and a Chicken Spitbraai.

Ride & Shoot Package – Minimum of 4 People

R580 pp

Horse riding + archery + Air Rifle and Paintball with a full braai lunch.

Big Adventure Deal – Minimum of 6 People

R780 pp

Quad Biking + Paintball and Horse Riding with a full braai lunch.

Full Day Adventure Package – Minimum of 6 People

R980 pp

Quad Biking + Archery + Paintball + Horse Riding + Air Rifle with 3 Meat Spit Braai


Team Building Pretoria Venue

Team Building Activities Pretoria

Team building activities can be used in the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team. That is exactly what we do at Horse Riding Adventure and what makes it even better is that Horse Riding Adventure is perfectly situated for team building activities in Gauteng.

We do team building through fun and exciting activities for each member of your team. Team building activities that would leave you wanting more and wanting to do it again and again.

Team Building Venue PretoriaWhat is even better, is that we are situated on a farm outside of Rayton so we offer you all these team building activities in nature far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

After spending a day with us, you will return to work motivated for the task at hand and to take that task head on as a team.

So, if you are looking to spend a day away from the office doing team building activities, having a “lekker kuier” around a table and enjoying great food with your colleagues, look no further. Horse Riding Adventure is the place to go. We are ideally situated for team building near Pretoria and for team building near Johannesburg.

We are close enough to just have a day out of the office as we are about 25 minutes’ drive from the east of Pretoria and just over an hour’s drive from most parts of Johannesburg. We are even close to Mpumalanga. If you are looking for a team building in Pretoria or team building in Johannesburg but you want to sleep over because you know the party is going to go on into the wee hours of the night, we are also your answer. We offer accommodation at our venue Cheval Tachete which is situated in Cullinan, only a short 10 km drive from the farm where we facilitate the team building activities. At Cheval Tachete you can continue with the fun around a fire or in the splash pool or both.

Team Building Pretoria Packages


At Horse Riding Adventure we have put together a couple of packages that you can choose from. You can let your needs and budget be your guideline. But we can also tailormade a package for you because we know sometimes you are just in the mood for specific things to do. We are most willing to group some team building activities together for you, if you would like to tweak the packages a bit. If you choose one of our team building activities, you will enjoy just the right mix of adrenalin and relaxation. Couple this with our great food options and you will return back to work refreshed and ready to perform as a team.