Horseback Riding

Ride like the wind! That is the feeling you will get horseback riding on certain parts of the of this adrenalin filled ride.

We will start the ride by getting acquainted with the horse you going to ride. We have a huge variety of horses that will suit you and your ability, in order for us to enjoy the ride. If everybody is comfortable, the journey will begin…

The first part of the ride is just to get the horses warmed up, horseback riding from the stables to the trail. We will start of with a light trot, this will serve as a warm up for the riders. Now we are ready for our first canter, just an appetizer of what is to come.

20160327_143200-27710 - 07 Jul 2016, 1-40-56 PMHorseback riding at horse riding adventure

The canters on this first part of the trail will be nice and controlled. There are a few sharp turns where control of your horse’s movements during a canter is a requirement.

We then stroll down a hill to get a breather for horse and rider. We will then do a few water crossings, going down steep embankments, but luckily this is part of everyday routine for your noble companion.

The next bit will keep you coming back for more. We will start of cantering, and then slowly increase the speed. There are turns, ditches and small up hills to negotiate while cantering at a fair speed.

There are a few parts of the trail where we will be able to go into a full gallop, you are more than welcome to join in on this adrenalin rush, or you can keep you horse at a controlled canter if you like. Let the wind blow trough your hair and enjoy the feeling of being one with you horse.

The advanced outride is a great experienced, for riders that is skilled enough to handle it. The horses are used often and is a very nice ride, so there is no need to worry about  getting a horse that is not very well trained. All our horses are used a lot for outrides.

Please come and enjoy this ride, only if you ride often and are very adapt at handling a horse during canters.

If you want to bring your own horse for the ride, feel free to contact us, but all rides will be accompanied by a guide.

See you soon…


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