Horse Riding

For a lot of people Horse Riding in the open air is second nature.

But because of busy lives and schedules, you just don’t get around to horseriding anymore or the thought of someone leading you on a horse, just frustrates you.

At Adventure Horseriding you get an opportunity to ride on horses the way you are used to.


Horse riding over through open fields

We will take you on an outride that will leave you with a smile and adrenaline pumping, especially if you are a rider who have been on a horse before and cantered a bit.

Horse Riding Adventures is situated on a farm of 150ha about 3km outside of Rayton on the Nooitgedaght Road

Before the outride, we give you one of our 20 horses that suits your experience level. If you prefer, we will give you a horse that is a bit more of a challenge to ride. We help you to saddle up the horse and get you comfortable before we start the outride of about an hour and a half. There will be an experienced guide or two with the group the whole time.

The trail of 13km consists of riding through gorges, over hills, through streams and fields all with a view of Rayton and its surroundings. At times we just walk with the horses which is regularly, and where the trail permit it, varied with a canter or two. When you are in a group with less experienced riders, we split the group to give the intermediateriders a chance to try the more difficult part of the trail.

Adventure Horseriding is about an half an hour’s drive from Pretoria and about 45 minutes from eMalahleni (Witbank). Even Johannesburg is close.

If you have been on a horse and know that feeling of riding with the wind through your hair, come and try us at Adventure Horseriding. We can guarantee you will want to come back for more.


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