Stables with tradition

Many people see RAYTON as flat dull piece of land, for horse riding pretoria. But from a horse’s back  this flat dull piece of land’s hidden beauty is uncovered. This farm is diverse, scenic and a far cry from the city hustle and bustle.

The 13km horse trail on a farm of 150 hectares about 5km outside of RAYTON, which is very close to Pretoria and the City of Tshwane, you will see another side to this gem when you are cantering on one of our lovely horses that will suit you too the T, through gorges, over hills, through streams and fields, all with a view of RAYTON and it’s surroundings.

The terrain is suitable for inexperienced and experienced horse riders. Your comfort level with horses will help us to make sure that rider and horse will be the right combination to give you that ideal riding experience to make you come back, with even more friends and family. We do separate rides for different experience levels, or we can do a group ride that will work for every member of your group!


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Why to ride at Horse Riding Pretoria?

Riders will be part of saddling up their own horses as it is a way of establishing a bond with the horse. For the next approximate two hours life on horseback will make you forget about all your worries. To make a perfect day even more perfect, you can end the experience with a nice cold one with your riding partners.



We give you a horseride experience like no other. And you don’t even have to have been on a horse before. We cater for children as well as adults..

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For a lot of people Horse Riding in the open air is second nature.

But because of busy lives and schedules, you just don’t get around to horseriding anymore or the thought of someone leading you on a horse, just frustrates you.

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Ride like the wind! That is the feeling you will get horseback riding on certain parts of the of this adrenalin filled ride.

We will start the ride by getting acquainted with the horse you going to ride.

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